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Qtek 8020 Battery Charger, Qtek Battery Charger 8020. 1 year warranty
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Qtek 8020 Battery Charger, Qtek Battery Charger 8020

1. This is a Battery Charger
2. Condition: Brand New(Not OEM, 100% Compatible)
3. Warranty: 15 day moneyback, 1 year warranty
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5. Ship to: USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia
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Battery Charger
Qtek 8020 Battery Charger, Qtek Battery Charger 8020

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Qtek 8020 Battery Charger Features:

  • Package includes High Performance Turbo Charger, AC Power Adapter and 12.00V Car Cord
  • Turbo Charger must be used with our AC Adapter or our Car Cord
  • Designed to charge batteries quickly and safely
  • Convenient LEDs indicate the charging status
  • 100-240V(Input), 12V(Output)
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  1. Plug the Qtek 8020AC power adapter in a wall outlet.
  2. Connect the AC power adapter supplied with your Qtek 8020 charger to the DC in jack.
  3. "STATUS" indicator shows RED when the charger is ready and “charger” indicator shows flashing GREEN when waiting for battery pack.
  4. Slide battery pack in the Qtek 8020 Charger and “CHARGER” indicator goes RED when charging.
  5. “CHARGE” indicator shows RED and GREEN alternatively when battery pack has more than 90% charged.
  6. When the battery pack is fully charged, the “CHARGE” indicator shows a steady green.
  7. After the battery pack fully charged, slide the battery pack out.
  8. Unplug DC power, “CHARGE” and “STATUS”indicators go out.


While charging the battery pack, “STATUS”indicator and “CHARGE” indicator are absent if the AC power adapter is not connected properly.
Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.


  1. Charge at room temperature.
  2. Store in cool and dry place.
  3. Clean up the terminals with a soft cloth if soiled.
  4. Unplug AC power adapter when not in use.

Charger Instruction: (This is suitable for part products!)

The Part D is the charger plate. The part C is the charger base.
1. Step:
Press the hook of the charger plate and make it free from the charger base.
2. Step:
Turn over the plate and take it out from the charger base.
3. Step:
Place the correct or good charger plate into the charger base.
4. Step:
Turn down the charger plate and press it to make it hook up the charger base.
Now you succeed in exchange the charger plate for your charger..


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