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AC DC(HOME and CAR) laptop computer power adapter. 1 year warranty
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AC/DC (HOME and CAR) laptop computer power adapter - 100W

1. This is a laptop computer power adapter, use in home and in car
2. Item#: DKF-ACDC505A
3. Condition: Brand New
4. Warranty: 15 day moneyback, 6 months warranty
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AC DC(HOME and CAR) laptop computer power adapter

AC/DC (HOME and CAR) laptop computer power adapter features:

Input voltage DC 10-14V 10A
AC 110 -240V
Output DC Voltage(Adjustable) 15V, 16V, 18V, 19V, 20V 5.5A Max
22V, 26V 4A
Valid power 100W
With USB charging port /DC 5V 1A
Weight 425g
Can charge laptop computer and mobile phone at the same time
8pcs different standard connectors

Package Content:

  1. DC & AC Laptop Adapter
  2. DC (For Car) Power Cord
  3. 2 Round-pin AC Power Cord
  4. 8 different sizes DC Connector Tip
    universal DC tie-in size:
    1. 6 * 1.0
    2. 6.3 * 3.0
    3. 5.5 * 2.5
    4. 5.5 * 2.1
    5. 5.5 * 1.7
    6. 4.8 * 1.7
    7. 4.0 * 1.7
    8. 3.5 * 1.75

Plsease take note, make sure that the polarity of DC connector plug is connected correctly, select output voltage to suit to laptop before use.


  1. This Universal CAR and HOME adapter will act just like your original power adapter that came with your laptop, except that you can use it in your car using the car cigeratte lighter OR use it at your home as universal adaptor.
  2. This Universal laptop power adapter comes with 8 separate tips to fit almost any laptop.
  3. LED indicator to show power status
  4. Comes BRAND NEW in a retail pack!

- Full protection for notebook computers
- Simple change smart tips
- Compatible with different devices
- Cost-efficient
- Choose the interchangeable smart tip according to the output voltage
- Work with Notebook PCs of most brands and models.
- Universal car adapter for laptop, mobile phone, mp3, mp4, digital camera
- Share for your service with continuousy